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Taking Library / Information Services to a new level

KLAS helps organizations take their information, and make it available in a whole new way.
  • Maintain a profile of interests for each reader
  • Actively match materials to a reader
  • Allow users to submit information to the collection -- leveraging everyone's knowledge and experience
  • Bring visibility to your organization by letting readers search, find, and download materials on their own.
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Fantastic Support

At Keystone, we pride ourselves on the support that we provide.  Our philosophy is based on understanding you, and going the extra step to understand how to best solve your problems. We provide incredible support to the organizations we serve.  This is achieved with a simple philosophy of understanding you, the customer:
  • Focus on understanding each organization -- its people, its workflows, and its goals
  • Dig deeper into situations to better understand what your needs are.
  • Provide solutions to make getting your job done as easily as possible -- even when it means harder work for us.  
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Featured Markets


Talking Book Libraries

  • Specific capabilities for NLS libraries
  • Personal profiles to track the interests of individual borrowers
  • Automatic selection of books for borrowers based on their personal profiles
  • Borrower self-service through on-line catalog

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Resource Centers

  • Track requests for materials through full life-cycle
  • Manage APH quota funds
  • Allow for school staff to enter requests for materials on-line

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  • Provide your members with access to your information resources
  • Allow members to supply and/or rate content
  • Pro-actively alert members of new content that matches their interests
  • Improve membership value

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For over 30 years, Keystone Systems has been helping organizations make their library available in a whole new way.  The Keystone Library Automation System, KLAS, provides all the core features of an integrated library system with additional functionalities necessary for the specialized organizations we serve on a daily basis.

Simply, KLAS helps you get information to the people who want it.

Many organizations see themselves as having a traditional library — shelves with books on them.  Many others don't identify themselves as having a library, but still have a collection of information resources that they need to be able to make available.  Each may call it something different, but it all boils down to the same thing — they have knowledge they need to be able to share with others.

What do you call the collection of information you share with the public?

  • Library

  • Information Repository

  • Knowledge Center

  • Information Hotline

  • Reference Center

  • Resource Center

No matter how you refer to it, read further to see some of the innovative features that Keystone and KLAS can bring your traditional library, talking book library, resource center, association or other organization.

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At Keystone, we pride ourselves on the superior support and services that we provide our customers. 

Keystone's customers speak about our dedicated support:
  • It has been a pleasure working with you and the rest of the staff at Keystone. You have proven to be innovative, quality driven and client centered. What has impressed me more than anything and which I will always remember is the relationships you have developed with your customers (many are considered part of the Keystone family rather than customers) and the high degree of service you provide. You thus enable us to provide the highest level of service to the visually impaired and that is the bottom line.

  • From all the staff in Montana, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!!! Your service is great, your patience is unending, your skills are tops and your humor is abundant! Thanks.

  • We truly do appreciate your patience, diligence, and continous friendly support. It's nice to know you're all working so hard to listen, help, and continually improve the system.

  • I can't begin to say how much we all appreciate the consistently fine assistance we receive from you on a daily basis. Keep up the good work!


Keystone strives to provide all the services necessary to implement and maintain KLAS in a stable environment supported by  knowledgeable staff.  Our implementation and database hosting support services have evolved and been refined over the years to provide the best possible operating enviroments available to our customers.

Keystone's full range of services includes:

  • Consultation
  • Planning Implementation 
  • On-Going Support 
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Enhancement 
  • Custom Programming 
  • System Integration 
  • MARC Import 
  • Networking Communications
  • Hosted Database Operations
  • Address Validation

Accessibility is a core part of the development process in developing KLAS.  Though we are fully compliant with Section 508, we don’t stop there.  We understand that there is a big difference between Accessibility and Usability

Software that is made to be accessible does not mean that it is truly usable and productive. 

Keystone takes things to the next level. We make sure that a person who uses assistive technology is just as efficient and productive as someone who does not.

Accessiblity is a mandatate.  We also see it as an opportunity.

  • Staff and Public interfaces are fully accessible

    • Public interfaces are used by users of all technical skill. (You don’t have to be a JAWS expert to be able to use the KLAS public access screens.)

    • Staff interfaces are used daily by AT users at all levels – from clerk level all the way up through directors.

  • Users are successfully using KLAS with all AT software including:
    • JAWS

    • ZoomText

    • Window Eyes

    • Braille Output

Accessible software is easier to use software for everyone.  For those using AT with KLAS, Keystone provides additional features and support.

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Keystone Systems’ software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model can help libraries avoid the high up-front costs of traditional licensing and work within available budget parameters, while Keystone provides support for the KLAS software with daily technical operations, housing, and maintenance of server and network hardware.

Libraries seeking a way to enhance services to patrons and to expand their access to the resources available in one or multiple locations within a limited budget have turned to Keystone's SaaS model.

Keystone’s places our customers’ needs as the highest priority.

In our mission to provide state-of-the-art library software, we realized that the SaaS pricing model will give us the flexibility to provide libraries, with even the toughest budgetary constraints, the same access to top tier technology and services.

How is SaaS different from traditional software licensing?

SaaS is based on paying a monthly fee for using the software as a service and having the databases hosted at Keystone Systems’ offices.  This option has the lowest up-front cost as there is no licensing of software or purchase of a server.  SaaS cuystomers receive the same database hosting services from Keystone's staff as provideed to customers who purchase perpetual licenses and Keystone;s hosting services.

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