ASAE 2018

Provide your members and staff with the information they want, when they want it.

Knowledge is Power.

KLAS powers Knowledge Management.

Make your organization & your members more powerful with KLAS.

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KLAS makes your information resources easier for you to manage and for your members to find and access.

KLAS provides dynamic information solutions for your specific needs:

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  • An online library of industry relevant information with personalized alerts of new content

  • A community information hub that allows members to share content they create

  • E-commerce access to your content providing your organization increased revenue

Visit booth # 634 at ASAE 2018 and / or make an appointment with Keystone Systems using the Expo Connector in your ASAE Attendee Service Center to learn more.

Use KLAS' knowledge / information management features to:

  • Harness the power of your information resources

  • Empower your members & staff with personalized information services

  • Energize a community knowledge center

Spark membership interest and intensify its value for your current members.

  • Proactively alert members of new content matching their particular needs
  • Create a sense of community through member contributed content, commentary, and ratings
    • Setup each member with a personal profile including the info topics and formats they want to receive. KLAS can then alert them of new content matching their expressed interest as it is added to the system thus reinforcing the value of membership.
    • Proactive alerts also redirect them to return to your website and actively use the content and resources you create and provide.
  • Allow different levels of access to informationUse stats to learn which resources are most used and valuable to your members / the public / your staff
    • Make some content available publicly
    • Restrict some to members-only access with a link to your membership sign-up page for non-members
  • Put content behind a pay-wall with less expensive pricing for members as an additional revenue stream

Tell us more about your information management needs and learn about how Keystone and KLAS can help you in booth #634 at ASAE 2018.

Andrea Ewing Callicutt
Keystone Systems, Inc.
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