Associations offer a wide array of benefits to their members but education is a cornerstone of their mission. Information exchange between members is another. Many non-profits also depend on the income from publication sales to help support their service goals.

As associations strive to provide the best services for their members, KLAS can help them provide vital information resources to their community, adding a valuable service option for their members. We work with associations to help them better meet the information needs of their members and give them tools for building a thriving membership.

Over 15 years ago, our first association customer began using KLAS to serve their membership, manage and track the distribution of information, and integrate with their association management system so that each system has the most up-to-date information for each member they serve. Enhancing your information services increases the relevance and importance of your organization to your members.

How Keystone and KLAS can help your association:

  • Connect your membership with your information resources.
    • Maintain a profile of subject interests for all members. 
    • Alert members when new material is added in subjects that interest them. 
    • Reinforce the value of their membership.
  • Show the value of membership.
    • Offer access to a limited range of information for non-members.
    • Provide full online access for members.
  • Create a revenue stream.
    • Sell premier content through e-commerce.
    • Offer electronic document delivery on demand.
  • Create a community driven information center.
    • Allow members to contribute electronic documents into the online knowledge center.
    • Engage your membership.
    • Give members a sense of ownership.

KLAS for Associations

KLAS Modules for Associations