KLAS for Associations

KLAS helps your organization:

  • Provide more membership value / Grow membership
    • Online viewing of individual wish lists / order status
    • Send proactive alerts to members when new content of personal interest becomes available.
    • Allow searches to be narrowed to exclude resources previously received / ordered.
    • Access to content defined by user type.
    • Stimulate additional interest with online user reviews and reading recommendations from staff and members.
    • Redirect users without a login to a membership signup page.
    • Track online searches and peak usage timeframes to improve services.

  • Offer additional material to users with a valid login/membership.
    • Online ordering of electronic documents and/or hardcopy materials.
    • Advanced announcements of new publications.
    • Access to online articles and breaking news stories.

  • Enhance access to information about your association
    • Make core material, such as newsletters, indexed and searchable.
    • Categorize content to facilitate browsing and identify content of similar interest.
    • E-commerce access to specific materials - such as printed conference proceedings or downloads of recorded webinars.
    • Maintain archives of past newsletters.
    • Log of materials ordered available to the member online.

  • Use member interests to improve informational services.
    • Identify trends to provide information relevant to the evolving needs of your membership.
    • Monitor search terms to improve online hits and identify popular topics.
    • Survey members for comments and suggestions.
    • Use membership order histories to analyze appropriate stock levels.

Use KLAS to build a Community Knowledge Center:

Another avenue to provide information resources is to allow your members to submit information to share with each other. Engage your membership by asking them to contribute valuable sites, articles, and documents to help build the repository you use KLAS to administer. Not only do your members help improve the value of the knowledge center, they also gain visibility as a leader within the community.

Examples of electronic documents users could submit to the knowledge center:

  • URLs - Links to sites that enhance rather than compete with the association's mission can be added.

  • Documents/articles - Allow members to share their own papers, research and histories with their colleagues.

  • Images - Share pictures of local meetings or events, successful personal moments, etc.

  • Video - Recorded training or conference sessions, interviews with members, industry relevant news clips

KLAS Modules for Associations