Dedicated Support

Keystone Systems was formed with the commitment to provide the highest quality support to our customers.  We have held true to that commitment.

Most would characterize good support as a quick, efficient, and accurate response by a vendor to problems and issues of all types.  We agree.  However, we also believe that support also needs a large measure of personal care to truly provide satisfaction.  With this, we focus on knowing our customers, their staff, and their needs.  that personal care also has us being proactive enough to discover and resolve problems before they become issues.  We strive to anticipate our customers' needs, to incorporate features in a timely manner, and to stay abreast of technology so that you can exploit new opportunities.

Providing an 800 Support and Beyond

Current customers have unlimited access to Keystone's customer support.  Support is typically done over the phone or via e-mail.  We also frequently utilize one-on-one remote control sessions so the support staff can walk you through a procedure, or resolve an issue.  Group webinars are also utilized regularly to educate everyone on new features, best practices, and to serve as review training.