Evolution of KLAS

KLAS began as a product to serve the needs of the Talking Book Library network. This community required accessibility and patrons service features that were not offered by other ILS systems.  KLAS has gone through several generations of refinements since our initial product release in 1983.  Because we have focused our efforts on implementing their specific needs and providing outstanding customer support, KLAS is the system of choice as these libraries upgrade their existing systems or automate for the first time.

As the needs of these libraries changed so did KLAS.  Because our customers are committed to providing the best possible service to their patrons, KLAS features have been specifically developed to expand patron service options.  We also developed online patron access with community feedback options and digital document management.  Developing and refining these capabilities led us to create a products which not only served the unique needs of those libraries but also built a strong platform on which to add features for Instructional Resource Centers.  We now provide the same level of commitment, support and development to specialized products for IRCs.

Features originally developed for libraries serving persons with disabilities are in demand from our Association customers as well.  Keystone is committed to giving every customer the information and technical support they need take advantage of all KLAS features, functions and enhancements.  We support our libraries by providing the ongoing technical assistance that they need to maximize their resources and improve their operations.

KLAS is a constantly evolving product.  In addition to supporting the existing systems software, we regularly provide program enhancements to our customers, custom programming upon request, and work on the evolution of the product to keep it cutting edge, state-of-the-art.  As we continue our development of new products, we keep the interface needs of accessibility and adaptive technology in our development criteria.  We are committed to continuing to develop new features and incorporate new technologies that allow libraries to grow and adapt to the challenges brought by changes in technology, resources, and patron expectations.

KLAS for Talking Book Libraries

KLAS for Instructional Resource Centers

KLAS for Associations