Implementation Services

Implementation Services offered by Keystone include:

  • Database conversion

  • Preliminary and on-going training of library staff

  • Project consultation and planning

  • Workflow consultation and mapping

  • Work with local IT staff to establish secure network connection to Keystone database hosting network

  • Assist with installation of KLAS software on staff workstation

Data Conversion Services:

  • Migration of current database to KLAS from the existing electronic sources available.

  • For all data conversion, the conversion will be a four phase process:

    • Trial Conversion

    • Initial data review 

    • Follow-up data review and testing

    • Final Production Conversion

Implementation Training Services:

  • On-site training

    • Training of staff on the proper use of KLAS

    • Preliminary training to get staff acclimated with KLAS system

  • Web based training to cover regular tasks used in their daily work

  • On-site training at time of production cutover.

    • On-site follow-up training to advanced topics, non-daily operations tasks, and questions that have arisen since production cutover.

    • Training focused on ensuring that staff have the skills and knowledge to be able to work efficiently with KLAS