The Keystone Library Automation System (KLAS) is an integrated library system (ILS) designed to meet the distinctive needs of special libraries. 

Overview of KLAS v7

KLAS v7 is a full-featured general library management system based on professional cataloguing and circulation practices, with a foundation based on USMARC standard formats for bibliographic data.  It manages the broad functions needed for specialized libraries operations, such as:

  • Book and circulating magazine inventory control. 

  • Magazine subscription control.

  • Tracking patron requests and reserves.

  • Staff-assisted book selection.

  • Automatic book selection for appropriate patrons.

  • Materials check-in and check-out.

  • Generation of mailing cards.

  • Collection review and weeding. 

  • Machine inventory control and assignment.

  • Managing overdues and notices.

  • Generating collection and patron activity reports.

  • Facilitating bulk mailings.

  • Queries for retrieving specific database records or sets of records.

In addition, KLAS has been designed to allow each library to control how the system does its job in their setting.  Its screens and functions have been designed to interface effectively with assistive technology.


The KLAS WebOPAC v3 enables patrons and the general public to conduct online searches of the library's catalog via the internet.  Featuring password-protected patron access and self-service, each library may customize what information is presented, how it appears, and which online services to allow.  WebOPAC has been recognized for its accessibility with commonly used screen readers and screen enlargers.

Commercial Off-The-Shelf Software

KLAS is commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) that has been developed and refined in direct response to customer needs.   Modular based licensing allows libraries to purchase only the functions needed for their operations.  By installing KLAS, the library and its patrons gain a cost effective solution developed for and based on the needs and experience of current customers.

  • Focuses on specific needs.

  • Improves the value and timeliness of service.

  • Builds a powerful community resource.

Link People and Information Resources

KLAS has proven its reliability and adaptability in supporting the needs of organizations which specialize in linking people with materials.

  • Borrowers to books.

  • Members with reference material.

  • Students with textbooks.

  • Subscribers with community-based information.