Software as a Service

Keystone offers three different operations options for acquiring, operating, and supporting KLAS.  By adopting KLAS in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, libraries are able to find accessible software that meets their workflow needs, while eliminating many of their budgetary and IT barriers.  Because it is delivered in a SaaS model, Keystone provides support for the KLAS software including daily technical operations, housing, and maintenance of server and network hardware.  This allows libraries to use funds previously allocated for technology staff and maintenance for other critical areas of the library.

PROs of  KLAS SaaS:

  • Access to the full features of the KLAS system

  • No up-front licensing costs.

  • No need to buy a server for running the application.  It is included in the hosting services.  Keystone Systems will proactively upgrade the server hardware well before it is overloaded.  Currently, we are averaging upgrading the server hardware every 18 months to 2 years.

  • Disaster recovery plan.  You do not need to worry about disaster recovery for your server facilities.  Keystone Systems already has in place:

    • No single point of failure

    • Electric generator, powered by natural gas pipeline

    • Redundant internet communications links.

    • Redundant network capacity.

    • Redundant server capacity.

    • ‘After-image’ backup of every transaction.

    • Daily backup of data.

    • Weekly full-system backup.

    • 1 set of backups stored on-site in fire proof, data rated safe.

    • 1 set of backups stored off-site.

  • Security of the database is ensured.

  • Multiple firewalls and VPN connection ensure the security and integrity of your data.

  • Very high bandwidth for providing digital download of information.

  • T3 fiber connection to the internet.

  • Easy management of growth – Keystone will manage the facilities to always have excess capacity.

  • Upgrades to the KLAS and Progress software applied by Keystone staff.

A Comparison of Operations Options