Taking Libraries to a new level


Taking Library / Information Services to a new level

KLAS helps organizations take their information and make it available in a whole new way.

  • Maintain a profile of interests for each reader

    In KLAS, you can easily build a profile of the kinds of materials that each person wants, and what formats they want to receive them in.  With this information, a whole new level of service and value can be reached.

  • Actively match materials to a reader

    Because KLAS can learn what subjects are of most interest to each user, when new materials matching their interests are added, the user can automatically be alerted.

  • Allow users to submit information to the collection -- leveraging everyone's knowledge and experience

    Your organization isn't the only resource for information, and your staff don't have to be the only ones to enter information to the collection.  With KLAS, you can allow others to submit content into the collection -- whether it be information on useful resources on the Internet, documents they authored themselves, or simply public information.  With your users submitting and rating content, it adds a whole new level of value to the information being provided -- because your users are building and sustaining it themselves.

  • Bring visibility to your organization by letting readers search, find, and download materials on their own.

    By making the process of finding and downloading material as easy as possible, your users gain a better appreciation of the value that you and your organization provide.


Primary Markets:

Talking Book Libraries

Keystone started serving libraries in 1982 when we started working with the NLS network of Braille and Talking Book Libraries.  This experience helped us develop a library system to help not only catalog their collection of titles and track their inventory, but also track the profile of likes and dislikes of each individual reader and match books to their preferences. 

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Instructional Resource Centers

Keystone built upon the strength, flexibility, and out-of-the-box solutions developed for the Talking Book Libraries and began working with Instructional Resource Centers. With the Resource Centers, they needed the personal profile capability, accessibility, and very flexible cataloging system that was already in place -- but also needed more detailed tracking of their acquisitions process.

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In our work with Associations, we have built upon the personal profile capabilities, cataloging flexibility, and robust platform for webservices data integration KLAS is built upon. On top of that, KLAS has tools to help create an online community where members share information resources and share their opinions. Adding in e-commerce controls to some categories of content, KLAS can help your association become "The place to go" for information within your industry.

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