Keystone and KLAS

KLAS is a system for managing your information resources and the people using them. KLAS has all the functionality of an integrated library system with added features to benefit your staff and those who depend on you for information.  Additionally, you have the proven support of Keystone's entire staff including dedicated customer service representatives, developers, and systems administrators.

KLAS helps you:

  • Catalog your information:
    • Organize and provide access to your information resources — whether they are physical materials, or electronic documents.

    • Maintain a personal profile of reader interests:
      • Track the types of information that each user is interested in

      • Match each user with the information resources that they may want

      • Pro-actively alert each user as materials are added to the system in subject areas that interest them

    KLAS for Talking Book Libraries

    • Specific capabilities for NLS libraries

    • Personal profiles to track the interests of individual borrowers

    • Automatic selection of books for borrowers based on their personal profiles

    • Borrower self-service through on-line catalog

    KLAS for Resource Centers

    • Track requests for materials through full life-cycle

    • Manage APH quota funds

    • Allow for school staff to enter requests for materials on-line

    KLAS for Associations

    • Provide your members with access to your information resources

    • Allow members to supply and/or rate content

    • Pro-actively alert members of new content that matches their interests

    • Improve membership value

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