KLAS for Instructional Resource Centers

In 1996, Keystone installed KLAS in New Mexico’s Instructional Resource Center.  Since then instructional resource centers in Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia chose Keystone and KLAS to manage their instructional materials collections. 

KLAS' Materials Requests Module was specifically developed to promote the functionality of resource centers.  Keystone staff attend the annual APH convention to keep current on the needs of these specialized customers.

KLAS features specifically for resource centers include:

  • Linking students to responsible schools, school districts and VI teachers.

  • Ensuring every child receives what is ordered for him by using a systematic approach to patron orders.

  • Tracking the individual volumes of multi-volume copies of braille and large type texts.

  • Supporting efficient storage of multi-volume texts in randomly available shelf space and efficient pulling of materials for shipping using shelf, item, and bundle barcodes.

  • Receiving, shipping and tracking partial copies.

  • Generating pick lists, packing sheets and shipping labels for getting the materials to the correct teachers and students.

  • Relating a specific purchase for a specific student to the appropriate funding source and tracking available funds, as well as the ability to invoice the appropriate organization for the creation of materials.

  • Flexible due dates and loan periods which reflect the school year.

  • End of year reports for item recall and/or renew options.

  • Reporting information such as the dollar value of materials loaned each year and detailing what was new and what was re-used from previous years.

  • Managing student records which document acuity and handicap to support claims for federal quota monies available through the American Printing House for the Blind.

KLAS Modules for Resource Centers