KLAS for Talking Book Libraries

Over 35 regional and nearly 50 sub-regional member libraries in the Library of Congress / National Library Service (NLS) network use Keystone and KLAS to serve their patrons.

These libraries include those with the highest circulation levels and the most complex regional/sub-regional networks.  Our hosting services are used by almost 70 organizations in over 20 states.  No other provider of systems for Braille and Talking Book Libraries can match our breadth of experience.

KLAS conforms to NLS program requirements and facilitates the accomplishment of ASCLA standards while:

  • Allowing a wide diversity in local management styles, policies and procedures 

  • Designing operational flexibility and Assistive Technology (AT) compatibility into every improvement

  • Striving to anticipate our customers' needs

  • Incorporating features in a timely manner 

  • Staying abreast of technology so that our customers can exploit new opportunities

Keystone specifically supports Talking Book and Braille libraries by:

  • Managing their patron information, collection inventories, and transaction data to provide effective services

  • Providing on-onging technical support to help librarians and their staff maximize their resources and operational capacities

  • Developing new features and incorporating new technologies so each library can grow and adapt to new challenges brought by changes in technology, resources, user expectations and service opportunities

Keystone has attended every regional and national NLS conference since 1994.  We know from direct experience as well that there are significant variations in local policies, procedures, operations, services and cultures represented among the member libraries. 

KLAS has been and will continue to be designed to support this rich diversity while enabling libraries to meet or beat ASCLA standards, keep pace with NLS service changes, fully comply with NLS reporting requirements, and develop new services all their own.

KLAS Modules for Talking Book Libraries