Taking Library / Information Services to a new level!

Taking Library / Information Services to a new level!

KLAS helps organizations take their information and make it available in a whole new way.

  • Maintain a profile of interests for each reader
  • Actively match materials to a reader
  • Allow users to submit information to the collection -- leveraging everyone's knowledge and experience
  • Bring visibility to your organization by letting readers search, find, and download materials on their own.

Featured Markets

Talking Book Libraries

  • Specific capabilities for NLS libraries
  • Personal profiles to track the interests of individual borrowers
  • Automatic selection of books for borrowers based on their personal profiles
  • Borrower self-service through on-line catalog

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Resource Centers

  • Track requests for materials through full life-cycle
  • Manage APH quota funds
  • Allow for school staff to enter requests for materials on-line

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  • Provide your members with access to your information resources
  • Allow members to supply and/or rate content
  • Pro-actively alert members of new content that matches their interests
  • Improve membership value

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Fantastic Support

Focus on understanding each organization

At Keystone, we pride ourselves on the support that we provide. Our philosophy is based on understanding you, and going the extra step to understand how to best solve your problems.

The Colorado Talking Book Library has worked with Keystone and their great employees for over 15 years. They have worked with us to design several key features in KLAS that helped our library be more efficient. Their staff turnover is very low so there is real institutional knowledge which makes it easier to problem solve. It is great to work with the same folks over the years. They must be doing something right if people like working there!

Debbi MacLeod

Debbi MacLeod

Director - Colorado Talking Book Library

In 2019 GLASS was the first KLAS library to transition to fully serving our patrons with duplication on demand using the NLS Gutenburg equipment. It is not always fun to be on the bloody edge of the cutting knife when implementing new technologies, but our library's transition went smoothly. NLS and Keystone worked together to make this fundamental change in service delivery as seamless as possible. Our patrons are happy and our staff would never go back to the old way of doing business. 2019 was a great year for GLASS and its patrons.

Pat Herndon

Pat Herndon

Assistant State Librarian & Director of Georgia Library for Accessible Statewide Services (GLASS)

I have been working with Keystone, Inc. for several years at an Instructional Resource Center. Keystone’s dedication to their product, prompt customer service, and willingness to partner with us have helped to customize the KLAS software to create a useful tool in our work. Keystone staff have been helpful and knowledgeable during each step of the development, installation, and support phases of the system. Their years of experience with Instructional Resources Centers and Talking Book Libraries around the country have provided a unique opportunity to see various ways in which we can implement the software more efficiently.

Cyndi Reimer

Cyndi Reimer

Information Technology Specialist, Office of the Director, Curriculum Frameworks & Instructional Resources Division, California Department of Education

As a library director, the one thing I want to have total confidence and trust in is our library automation system vendor. I found that reliability, value, customer service, responsiveness, and innovation with Keystone Systems. Since 1986, the Perkins Library has been a satisfied customer, Moving and transitioning along with Keystone as new developments and upgrades in programming and service have become available. Its always been seamless, and the customer service team makes sure our staff get all the training needed to make the transition easily and comfortably. If questions arise, the Keystone team is there to answer and help us figure out the solutions. They don’t leave us stranded. We rely on them every day and know we can count on Keystone to make sure our automation infrastructure is working for us, so we can work for our patrons!

Kim Charlson

Kim Charlson

Executive Director, Perkins Braille & Talking Book Library, Watertown, Massachusetts

For over 30 years, Keystone Systems has been helping organizations make their library available in a whole new way.  The Keystone Library Automation System, KLAS, provides all the core features of an integrated library system with additional functionalities necessary for the specialized organizations we serve on a daily basis.

What do you call the collection of information you share with the public?

  • Library
  • Information Repository
  • Knowledge Center
  • Information Hotline
  • Reference Center

No matter how you refer to it, read further to see some of the innovative features that Keystone and KLAS can bring your traditional library, talking book library, resource center, association or other organization.

KLAS is...

The Keystone Library Automation System (KLAS) is an integrated library system (ILS) designed to meet the distinctive needs of special libraries.

As a full-featured general library management system, KLAS is based on professional cataloguing and circulation practices and manages the broad functions needed for specialized libraries operations.

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Vibrant User Community

The KLAS Users' Community is a vibrant Users' Group made up of librarians and staff of the over 85 libraries across the United States who use KLAS to serve their patrons.

On klasusers.com you will find information about our annual Users' Group conference, release lists, discussion forums, recorded webinars and more.

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